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My Recent Cleaning Jobs

Nice Carpet Clean in Andover

Jun 13, 2017

Are you looking for carpet cleaning in Andover? Then Clean Living can provide the very best quality you could ever hope for.  We clean carpets in Andover and we also do upholstery cleaning in Andover.  

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Motorbike oil removed from carpet in Amesbury flat

Mar 16, 2017

I recently tackled a difficult carpet stain for a client living in a flat in Amesbury.

The client was storing a motorbike inside a bedroom, but unfortunately it had leaked oil and grease straight on to the carpet, as well as leaving rust stains.

Removing oil and rust...

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All carpets look better after the Clean Living Salisbury treatment

Mar 13, 2017

While cleaning rooms for a client, we noticed that the dining room carpet could also do with a clean. However the owner of the house insisted that the dining room carpet didn't need it. We cleaned a square of carpet in a non-apparent area anyway, and needless to say the owner ended up asking...

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